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11 July 2007


I have tons of books to read, and sometimes it feels so overwhelming. I feel a lot of pressure to read all of them one after the other instead of taking breaks between books for some reason. I don't know how I bring these burdens upon myself.

I am about to finish CivilWarLand in Bad Decline and plan to start a re-read campaign! I am going to re-read House of Leaves and Lolita. House of Leaves because two people close to me are reading it now, one at my behest (yes, someone took my book recommendation!), and I am having difficulty discussing it with them because it has been almost four years since I read it. Lolita because it's just awesome. I feel like I read books and forget them, and that is depressing. I want to remember things about them other than the fact I read them. So I will, dammit!

And I have to finish the sixth Harry Potter book before I read the new one that I have pre-ordered. Ugh.

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