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08 February 2008


I'm still being eaten alive by short stories, but now I have the added bonus of biological materials (DNA), art, Sylvia Plath, and math, as usual. I have been letting myself get behind in my art class, and that is just awful awful awful. I really need to get on that or just drop the class. It is way too easy to just not do it.
I had a meeting with my English teacher the other day, and during the meeting she told me several complimentary things which made me blush horribly. I love chats like that, though. I really like this particular teacher, and this only made the situation better.

I am writing a short (i.e six page) research paper on Sylvia Plath, my favorite female poet. I love her, so I hope I write a good paper about her. I have not started my research, but I do hope to get on it quite soon. I do not want to wait until the last minute for this one. My thesis should be fairly easy for me to discuss and finish quickly, so I'm hoping that I don't totally fudge this. That would be inexcusable.

I am starting to feel depressed about not having a job and never having money. This is due to my innate need to shop. I can't go shopping because I can't buy things, and that makes me sad. A friend and I went shopping yesterday because we are idiots (neither has any money, really), and we went home feeling rather sad about all the cute things we couldn't buy (like a normally 80 USD pair of shoes marked down to 20 USD). It was terrible, and I still feel sad. I need to buy shoes! And hats! And sunglasses! And scarves! And things! Just a few things.

Yesterday I discovered that I really overestimate people's intelligence. I am ashamed and appalled.

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