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12 March 2008


I recently read As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner, and I finished Fluke by Christopher Moore. I also re-read The Fuck-Up by Arthur Nersesian.
As I Lay Dying is interesting, and I really enjoy the style. I believe I found all the wrong parts to be utterly heartbreaking though, and this makes me feel abnormal.
Fluke turns out to be sickeningly pretentious and annoying. I found the writing to be somewhat sloppy, perhaps too thought out or planned. It did not have a good flow going. Understood?
The Fuck-Up is for high school students. I swear. If it is not then I truly have grossly overestimated the intelligence of the adult population, and I may seriously consider suicide. Nersesian makes me angry, and he is a teacher. He educates people at a college, and he writes this crap. Sick sick sick!! His word use is ostentatious and unbefitting to the setting and characters. The story itself is really bland. Ugh. Sick. Does anyone want my copy? I DO NOT.

In English we are discussing poetry, which makes me happy. The people in my class apparently do not know how to read. It can be a little frustrating. My teacher, whom I still adore, acts like we are all supposed to be really stupid and NOT understand a poem on the first try: we are supposed to labor over understanding three lines of text. I must say this is ridiculous. I usually get them fairly quickly, so why must she assume we are all stupid? Oy.
We discussed "The Eagle," "Ars Poetica," "Those Winter Sundays," and "The Tyger," of course. I love "The Tyger" so much I just can't explain, so I was stoked to discuss it in class. I am sad to see that we are not slotted to study any Sylvia Plath. Tons of Dickinson and tons of Frost, no Sylvia Plath. Ugh.

I got an A- on my English midterm, and I am disgusted by it, absolutely disgusted. Was this the highest grade in the class? I hope so I hope so I hope so. The worst part is that I do not understand why it is an A-, and I forgot to ask her! I do not think it is a super amazing paper or anything, but still -- an A-?! I am not improving: I am STAGNANT.
Hopefully the grade on my research paper is a full-fledged A!

I have been writing lots and lots of things lately, mostly good things. It is fun.
Except I have not been sleeping. I have not been sleeping, but I have been writing.
Which do I prefer? Which do I prefer?

I am also in a ton of pain, and I am very unhappy with it. I have to have some stuff done stat! I am not prognosticating a Happy Me at the end of all of this.

My boyfriend is a useless heap of garbage.
I hope he reads this.
He will not.

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