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18 July 2008

Motherless Brooklyn

Brilliant. Jonathan Lethem is brilliant.


In other news, I no longer have anything to occupy my time. (People in this state are stupid.)

I've made some money. I think I'll take it and run away.

I've started reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius finally, and so far nothing in it has struck me in any way. This is unless you count the plagiarized song lyric. (A song lyric stolen from the book. I had no idea! All this time I thought it was brilliant --- it was Dave Eggers' brilliance I was impressed by.) I'm sure I'll know when I'm done. And I'll let my faithful fans! know.

My birthday is soon! This is sure to be a let down.
By that I mean extremely exciting. I'm not seeing my favorite band for the first (and only?) time ever, though I did ask someone to send me to Chicago to see my idol. We'll see.

I've got to transfer.

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