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02 May 2009

I am stuck at the library.

I dragged my brother with me to the library to do my research because I felt too unfocused at home, but now I still feel like I can't get anything done. I am just a failure. I suck. I did a few Google searches, and I'm calling that my research. It was enough because my spiel is mostly about the literature itself, not the people who wrote it. I figure basic biographical information and some historical background is all I need, so there is no need to use GALILEO. Don't worry, boyfriend. I checked my sources for credibility. I am als o really fucking stupid because I forgot to bring a fucking notebook with me. How am I supposed to write anything? Stupid. Also, the other reason I came to the library is to get the book I need for my psychology class, and it turns out that the book does not exist in the library system here. I'll either need to go to another county (GOOGLE!!!) or read it online. I found it online, so I guess I'll do that, and the rest of what I'll do is bullshit the paper I have to write. I am the master of bullshit. Meister von Sheiße. whatever. So this fucking library won't let my brother check a book out for me because you have to show your ID to check out a book. That is nonsense. Nonsense. 

I'm stuck here at the library because there is a fucking maelstrom of wind and rain outside, and I'm not interested in driving in it. I don't want to kill my brother. I mean--if I were alone, I'd go. Ugh. Stupid library. 

I really want a subscription to National Geographic. I'm such a nerd. I want those maps! MAPS! I have this map obsession now. 

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