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28 May 2009

My Wish List Just Got Bigger

I believe I mentioned wanting a really nice burgundy colored mascara. Well, I fucking found it. It's a more high-end brand of mascara though, so I'll have to wait until I have expendable funds to purchase it. I am still looking for something like it on the cheaps, but I have been unsuccessful thus far. Thank you, Urban Decay for making the thing which I desire most, and I would also like to thank you for making it not ridiculously overpriced. It's a price I'd pay for a good mascara in the color I seek desperately. 

I wonder how to put a Twitter widget on my blog. I use Twitter for no reason at all since only 25 strangers follow me (well, a few of those people are friends, me guess). I use it like a PenSieve. I can clear my head by typing in a thought in 140 characters or fewer. 

Operation Boyfriend Birthday Bash is already turning into a disaster. I informed him that I may be coming down with a heavy case of the H1N1 virus, and he may have to find a substitute for my birthday gift (as it is planned for two). He said "oh that's OK, I'll just veg out." No, you will not just veg out. I spent a good chunk of change on this shit, and it is time sensitive, and it damn well has to be done at the fucking time I fucking planned it to be. The fact that he said that he'd just "veg out" though leads me to believe that he'd rather do that than do what I have planned for (I hope) us to do which leads me to believe that I wasted a pretty penny on something he won't appreciate nearly as much as he would have appreciated doing the same fucking thing he did last year which is not hang out with his fucking girlfriend and instead hang out with his stupid fucking friends who don't give a shit about him or his fucking birthday. HMPH! After all I am not a fucking douche like everyone else, and I do not go out in public to spread my nasty fucking sicknesses everywhere. This is me being angry about something fucking stupid. Premeditated anger if you will. Self fulfilling prophesying is the name of the game. 

Dear G-d, I love Twitter. 

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