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01 June 2009

Bits of Fluff!

First and foremost, my nails today are blue and shiny with China Glaze's "Sexy in the City."  Yes, they do look like crap. I am not in the mood to clean them up right this second, and I seriously just finished them. The lighting in here does not do the color justice. It's darker than that! 

I received my MUA swap finally. I got the NYX Doll Eye mascara (which I used today, and I really like it). The swapper also sent me a baby pink Sephora lip pencil and a sample jar of Fawn Intensive Foundation from Everyday Minerals. I already use that, so...thanks. 

Other things of note: NEW MOON TRAILER!

I am pretty excited about it, particularly since it looks better than the first one, AND it looks like they finally plucked Kristen Stewart's eyebrows, so she's like ten times more attractive than she used to be!!! Amazing. 

Now to the important bits of fluff that aren't particularly fluffy. 
WWF = my favorite organization. 
I'd like everyone to listen to this
Also, adopt an animal or five. I have asked several people to adopt an animal for me in lieu of material gifts for my birthday. Obviously, I'd really like an octopus adoption (or five) and the Bornean pygmy elephants and pygmy marmosets and, like, all the other animals. RED PANDA. I just want more people to pay attention to wildlife and what all of our bullshit does to it. Seriously. It's disgusting and shameful. Any kind of donation to the World Wildlife Fund would make me happy. 
Also, this is a really good thing to which everyone should donate. One of the charities receiving funds is the WWF!

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