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22 July 2009

No, I won't shed a tear, just as long as you stand by me.

"Stand By Me" is such a delightful song. It makes me happy when I am sad. Happy Sad. 

Oh, that's a photo of me admiring myself with my new handy, dandy pocket-mirror that was a special gift from a special friend in the land of fur coats and oil. It sounds glamour; I know. 

I am furiously voting for Jeannine on So You Think You Can Dance because she is fantastic, and I like her the best, though I have to say I really like Janette, too. And Brandon. Brandon reminds me of a panther, and I like panthers. I liked Kayla with the hip-hop zombie routine, but she has never been my favorite. Moving on. 

I hope everyone enjoys the new layout and music. 

I have not been feeling well lately, as I'm sure a few have noticed. Lots of Xanax, which I really do not like. I have been extremely agitated, as I said, and people really find it humorous. That is just sick. End. 

One of my medications causes migraines and joint pain, so the drug does lots of good things for me since I have been plagued by both since a (too) young age. And said medication will kill me if I take it with too many NSAIDS or migraine meds. WIN.

I have to drive to school in the morning to pay for my classes this semester, and I really do not want to go. I will probably still be sick, for one thing, and for another, the quickest route has become a cluster-fuck of doom. That's not even hyperbole! I was almost involved in two accidents that would have been no one's fault but the idiots in charge. There are a few shopping centers that cannot be accessed without making at least TWO U-turns. Who does that? Idiots. 

No. 1 rule in asking questions during a speech: you answer your own question. ^ I got a B. 

I wanted to take interpersonal communications this semester! It was not available. Assholes. 

Nothing to say. 


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