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12 August 2009

A Few Things

I want to live in the merry old land of England because they get free things with magazines, like makeup items and clothes. Not fair.

I have a lot of books to read. I'll list them below.

A Confederacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole. I borrowed this from the love, and I am determined to have this finished this week. I find it very enjoyable, and it's also one of those books that a lot of people always say one must read in his or her lifetime. I'm reading it! And I love it so far. It is a win.

The Dharma Bums - Jack Kerouac. This I also borrowed, and I shall read it when I get to it.

The Jungle - Upton Sinclair. I've started reading this, and I like it so far. I just need to sit and read. It's difficult for me to sit and read.

Modoc - Ralph Helfer. I mentioned this one already. I have read a lot more of it since last discussed, and I like it. Again, it's just really difficult for me to sit and read.

Musicophilia - Oliver Sacks. This book and topic interest me very much, and I am very excited to get to it. I feel that it will be helpful to me.

Roman - Roman Polanski. He's my favorite director, and I'm very interested in his experiences during the Holocaust. He briefly touches upon them in the commentary in The Pianist, but I really want to read the whole story, then some. He's a character, and I like characters. This book was a gift.

The Royal Nonesuch - Glasgow Phillips. I just find it interesting.

Special Topics in Calamity Physics - Marisha Pessl. I've wanted to read this book for over two years. It is now in my possession, and it will be read. Again, I just have to sit and read.

Your Inner Fish - Neil Shubin. This book is about evolutionary biology/evolutionary anthropology, so why would I not want to read it? It directly pertains to my main area of interest, so of course, I need to read it. I can't begin to explain how pumped I am to start reading it and absorb all the information held within it, but suffice it to say ----my heart is racing. I love evolution. I love that branch of anthropology. This is mine! Sit and read.

I am hoping that once school starts I'll be able to sit at school and just read some of my books between working on school work. I purposely set up my schedule to allow myself time to sit around campus studying or reading or any other productive thing.

I stopped taking one of my medications because it made me feel physically unwell, but my therapist has an issue with that. My psychiatrist ignored me and refused to discuss it, so there is a fail there. I am still in my window of titration that I could resume the drug without any scary side effects (like the death rash)if I wanted. I don't think I want. I have to call my psychiatrist and tell him that I'm not taking it because I don't like it. Oy. Meds.

My birthday was ultimately a success. I got a lot of Smarties Lollies out of it. I also got a lot of salt water taffy. I had some alcohol, not enough. I was not drunk. I was slightly tipsy. I'll get good and drunk one of these days just because I can, except I don't like drunk. Oh well.

The color blue is calling to me.

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