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21 August 2009

Lights, please.

I'm dropping chemistry. I don't really want to, but I have to. I hate myself for it.

All other classes acceptable.

I got my books for school, and I am excited.

I bought new nail polish. Duh. I got some lipstick, lip liner, and some eyeliners too. I'll attempt to list things later.

My boyfriend has Twitter now, and I'm really excited. I have to teach him how to use it from his phone!

My pharmacy has been filling a prescription for me that I've not asked for, called in, or anything, and that I'm not taking, and it's a drug I could very easily use to kill myself. I have it in such abundance that such a thing IS possible, and I'm pretty displeased with it. I shouldn't have this shit.

My math class isn't even a little bit terrible.

I love the rain.

Today was a good day. My brain is all scrambled, but I got a fucking amazing parking spot; my class went well, and I didn't want to kill myself ONCE.

Today someone told me I have "nice ass eyes." Sure. Thanks.

Good mood.


Anonymous said...

once a week for math! is it like a 3 hour class? So lucky to get it over-- mine is horrible, i tried to switch but there wasn't any open anywhere. And that's crazy the pharm. is giving you random killer drugs. LOL "nice ass eyes", at least you know now--in case you were unsure before


k said...

Ha! I know!

Math is three hours and forty five minutes long. There are two five minute breaks (five minutes.psh). It's fantastic. I'm so sorry you couldn't switch!