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20 October 2009

I am the "who" when you call "who's there?"

OPI Pamplona Purple:

The color is very opaque, but I wanted two coats just to be sure of even coverage. Gorgeous color, obviously. Applies very well. I just did my nails, and I've already got tip wear. That's my fault, of course. This OPI España collection has a really nice formula. It seems better than most of the others somehow. Maybe it IS.


l'imagination est la clef said...

*GASP*...omg, i loove that colour like it soo..cuteee. I think that is the colour i tried to convince momsi to buy for herself so i can use it.


k said...

You can borrow mine sometime. I'll even DO your nails for you! (I love doing other people's nails, makeup--but not hair. I can't do hair).