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24 October 2009

Shopping, shopping.

I went shopping at six in the morning yesterday to buy some makeup. I was awake, couldn't get back to sleep, wanted something to do. I went to Wal-Mart to get some of the new Hard Candy stuff. I got one blush, one mascara, and one concealer palette. Then I looked at the ingredients and noticed PALMITATE. It's in the concealer palette. Will not repurchase that item.

Aside from that, the stuff is OK. The blush is smooth (it has mineral oil--ick); the concealers are smooth; and the mascara is blue. I haven't really been able to try it since I already had mascara on. I also bought the Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara because I just had to. I decided to skip L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion for now.

I bought new face creams. They are the same as the one I currently use, just different formulas. I currently use a vitamin C cream. I bought a super rich moisturizing one and a multivitamin one. Of course, I did not buy those at Wal-Mart (as if, ugh).

I forgot to buy a pill cutter. My pharmacist informed me that their store is closing, and I will never see her again. That makes me incredibly sad. She insisted on handling my order, presumably to say good bye. I will miss her.

I need tea bags. That way I can make more than one cup of tea per cup of tea? um anyway.

I bought a shirt. It is dark blue. I love it. The end.

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