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20 November 2009

New Moon

I loved it. All the cheesy crap in the book was made comical and light in the movie. The acting was much improved, aside from Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene. They both suck. Nicki Reid didn't get much screen time, and Jasper (WHO PLAYS HIM?!) got to be totally creepy and weird, which was befitting of his overall demeanor (on and off the set). Kristen Stewart not only looked a lot better, but she acted a lot better. Robert Pattinson also improved his acting ever so slightly. I mean it's still a Twilight movie, and it's still stupid, but it was GOOD stupid. Those wolves looked amazing, fake but amazing. Special effects were definitely way better in this one, and I very much appreciate how the sparkles were toned down. Dakota Fanning pwned the role of Jane. All the other Volturi were perfectly creepy and hilarious at the same time. Overall, I LOVED IT. It was just a little slow at the beginning, and as usual, the acting needs improvement.

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l'imagination est la clef said...

The only reason Im even slightly inclined to watch this movie is b/c of Dakota, she's all grown up and cute lol