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29 December 2009

I can't sleep.

and my back hurts! oy.

I feel like I am incapable of writing/blogging about anything interesting these days. I miss school papers! I miss thinking.

I went shopping yesterday. I bought some Bath and Body Works stuff since it was on sale. I bought another Winter Candy Apple fragrance mist, and I bought a bottle of the Winter White Citrus. It smells so fucking good, and it's green! I got the last bottle of it, too. Lucky me! The bottle is huge, glass, and heavy. I am terrified I will drop it one day.

I went to the aquarium yesterday to see octopuses. Instead I just saw a bunch of fish. The octopuses were quartered off due to construction. How dare they! I was extremely upset, and the large crowd was not helping at all. Thankfully the cuttlefish were still available, so I did get my cephalopod fix.

Speaking of cephalopods, I'm considering changing my major from biology/English/history to marine biology. That way I can study my beloved octopodes! It's very unfortunate that I'm too lazy to finish school. Or too crazy. One of those two things.

Listening to Kings of Leon. <3

Love dove's mother gave me a lot of nail stuff for Christmas. She put it all in a stocking! It's all pretty fun. I do like nail stuff. I also bought more nail polish because I'm stupid.

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