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08 May 2010

Some thing I've bought recently/bored at night

China Glaze "Breakin'": not new, but I don't have any photos of it so far. I really like it.

I can't tell which picture is which now, so bear with me.

Swatches are as follows: NYX Lipliner Pencil in 840 "Rose", Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 900 "Pink Blush", Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 082 "Heavenly", and Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 940 "Berry Queen".

The others: Too Faced Eye Shadow in "Label Whore", NYX Runway Collection e/s palette in "Jazz Night", CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar for Dry, Sensitive Skin, L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, the lipliner, the lipsticks.

So far I absolutely LOVE Label Whore. It's gorgeous. It's very similar to MAC's "Club" eye shadow, but I like Too Faced better. I prefer the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks to the Lasting Finish, though they are not especially moisturizing. I find both formulas to be drying. I was looking for the "Pink Chic" Moisture Renew l/s, but the only two left were damaged, so I found a similar color in the Lasting Finish line ("Pink Blush"), and I really like it. The L'Oréal primer is pretty good albeit extremely thick. It works, but I would not repurchase as it's only half an ounce for 14 USD or so, and the container is insanely small and impractical. I love "Heavenly" lipstick. Well, I love all of the lipsticks I bought. I haven't used the NYX palette at all yet, but I've swatched all the colors, and they're all gorgeous. They seem to be nicer than the single NYX eyeshadows, so that's a plus. The CeraVe cleanser is amazing, and I love it. A lot of people on MUA said that it clogged their pores, but I have not experienced that problem at all. The Cetaphil bar is really nice and cleans my face, and what else can I say about a bar of soap? It lacks sulfates, which is good for my dry skin. I love NYX lipliners, so that's all I need to say about that, except maybe the color is really pretty? It is. I am really into pink lipsticks at the moment, and I lack lighter pinks. I only have things like "Show Orchid" and stuff. I guess that's all I can say on that subject.

In other news, my friend did something stupid, and someone else is blaming me for it. It's not my fault at all. I can't really talk about it, and to be honest, I know said friend is in a good place, so I don't need to worry about it.

My school fucked me over yet again, so I'm finding a new one. It's going to be pretty difficult with my GPA being such crap, but I can find Something.

I haven't really been reading any books lately, too preoccupied with other things. I did, however, read Hiroshima by John Hersey for school, and I wrote a review on it for that class, but I won't post it here as it wasn't very good anyway. The only thing I want to say is that the book is Really good if you want to understand what happens when people experience total destruction. My teacher made it seem like it would be a book that would make all of us cringe and cry and have all other sorts of weird reactions, but I guess he has a weak heart. I only cringed when a man described trying to pull a woman up by her hands and having the skin of her hands "peel off like gloves" as that was pretty graphic and disgusting. Yes, it's sad, but I've read much worse, shockingly enough. My teacher apparently does not read the same types of non-fiction I do.

I hate the weather here.

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