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18 July 2011

Milani Glossé Top Coat + Wet'n'Wild The Gold and The Beautiful Review/Swatch

This is three coats of The Gold and The Beautiful, and it's still not completely opaque, but the fact that it's a glitter makes up for the somewhat bare spaces.
The Milani top coat smooths over polish while it's still wet (like Seche Vite), and it dries within five minutes, a complete dry. Unlike the Seche Vite, Milani Glossé lacks the big three, which is always a good thing. Because this product acts the same as Seche Vite at a cheaper price and without the potentially harmful chemicals, I must say I prefer it. It also keeps my polish one quite a bit longer than the Seche Vite, about a week and a half. That said, though, the Wet'n'Wild FastDry polishes tend to stay on my nails exceptionally well anyway. I definitely recommend all of you Seche Vite fans to try the Milani Glossé Top Coat.

As for The Gold and the Beautiful I find that it goes on fairly well for a glitter polish. It's mostly opaque with three coats, and it's a gold glitter suspended in a clear jelly base, which makes the opacity fairly impressive. As with most glitters it is annoying and messy to remove, but we all understand that comes with the territory. As previously stated, it lasts on my nails up to nine or ten days with the Milani top coat and at least a week with Seche Vite.

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