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11 June 2007

C'est la vie.

When I do stupid things like accidentally purchase Dr.Brown's Root Beer instead of Dr.Brown's Cream Soda, I feel sad despite the fact that even though I hate root beer, I will drink Dr.Brown's Root Beer and love it. Dr.Brown's kicks that much ass.

I just read the first page of V by Thomas Pynchon, and it seems pretty bad ass so far. Apparently, I cannot underline things in here. How lame. Anyway, this book is pretty exciting for me. It is mostly because I stole it from my fiance in order to finish reading it before he does because he finished reading something before I did. Mmhmm. He reads books a lot more quickly than I do. He reads more than I do.

I have been e-mailing pictures to myself like crazy, and I feel like a huge nerd for doing it. I just like having pictures, and I take a lot of pictures with my phone. A lot of them also happen to turn out pretty neat. Can I help it? Oy.

I really like this blog.

I need to start using my time more wisely.
I also need to start obsessively researching random subjects in order to gain more trivial knowledge.
I need it.

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