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07 June 2007


It takes me much too long to figure out how much I hate certain people. Then, after I realize it, I continue talking to them for a while before telling them how much I hate them. THEN, they come back. It's a disgusting, vicious cycle. Ugh. I suppose I only mean one, very specific person. Oh well.

Other than that dumb shit up there, I haven't much to say.

My ex.boyfriend used to say that Canadians make the best music. When I listen to bands like Metric and DFA, I am inclined to agree. Of course, maybe they just make the best music for me. Songs like Empty and Romantic Rights really get me going. (For the record, those were song choices from each band I just listed.) All I know is I love me some Canadians! I do have one badass CANADIAN MIX CD, and it pretty much rocks.
And who ever heard of musical supremacy based on region anyway? Not I.

I do not understand why people on MySpace thank bands for adding them. Do these idiots not understand that by adding them to their friends, they are potentially increasing the number of people being exposed to their music which is potentially increasing their incomes? Hello.. Of course they are going to add you. It's quite unlikely that they go to anyone's page, check it out and decide "Hey..this kid seems cool. We should add him/her." And it doesn't do YOU any good to have them on your friends list, so why thank them? Oy.

Jewish Legend. That's all I need to say. I am excited about this one. Also Canadian.


P.S. I love that people want to use DFA music all over the place now that they aren't making it. How annoying.

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