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24 October 2007

Water for Elephants

I'm breezing through Water for Elephants, and so far, nothing in or about it has upset me. This is atypical. Sara Gruen doesn't use a lot of unnecessary, ostentatious words, and I appreciate that.

In other news, I am doing so well!

School is so-so. My grades are acceptable so far. I think. I've been able to go through this semester with little to no effort, and my grades show that. All Bs. Thanks. Next semester I might try harder. I don't have the energy for stupid classes, and those are the types in which I am currently enrolled. Ugh. Still, it isn't the worst.

I like that the weather is cooling. I want to wear sweaters and scarves and hats and coats and gloves already!
I need to go winter shoe shopping. Oh noes!

I have a paper to finish!

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