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05 November 2007

Books, reprise.

I just started reading The Kite Runner even though I put it on my "To Read" list months ago, almost a year ago. At first, I had intended to read it with an ex because I was at his house all the time, and he read a lot. I needed something to do, so I started reading his books. It was on the list as it was a recent purchase of his, and I had expressed an interest in reading it. Sadly, we ended that relationship before I was able to start reading it. Then, I had planned to purchase it, but I never got around to it in the few months or so before I met fiancé who informed me that he owns a copy, and I did not need to purchase my own. At his failure to furnish a copy for me to read, I bought my own the other night. I am really excited to start reading it. It was a toss-up between The Kite Runner and Love in the Time of Cholera. I chose The Kite Runner because it was cheaper. The Jew* in me comes out when I'm book shopping. Now I own it, and I am reading it, and that is exciting.

Upon finishing Water for Elephants, I decided that I only like it a little bit. I like elephants a lot, so I am of course quite fond of Rosie. I do not, however, like the plot. It is a typical boy-meets-girl story simply plopped into a crazy circus setting. It is cute, and it's fun. It also reminded me of my dreams to be a trapeze artist, and I was not pleased with that. I miss you, trapeze dreams! I do like the somewhat ambiguous ending though. My copy has discussion questions at the back, and that is also most appreciated (but wholly unrelated to the book itself and all its merits/discredits).

I have also been reading V. on and off for months. As much as I like its feel, I am unable to really hunker down and read the book. We will see.

I have also started Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins, and I find it to be quite enjoyable thus far.
Also, I've been picking up Girl with Curious Hair by David Foster Wallace every once in a while and reading a story or two. I am not so fond of the first one, though I have forgotten its title.

Still reading my Russians.

I finished my reread of House of Leaves a couple of weeks ago. I first read that book in high school, when I was fifteen, and I have no idea how I accomplished it. It scares me to the point that I cannot sleep. Perhaps I should mention that I am extremely claustrophobic with a slight fear of darkness to explain part of the reason this book irks me. At fifteen, I was not as susceptible to irritation at things like twenty page footnotes formatted to cute shapes. Especially footnotes that have no relevance to the story. At fifteen I know I liked the book a lot more than I do since my reread, but I won't hate Danielewski just yet. I haven't finished Only Revolutions which seems much more likable, even if it is similar to those ridiculously pointless footnotes.

*I am allowed to make jokes like this.

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