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02 January 2008

Nouveaux? Je ne pense si.

I am not reading any new books. I am still reading Skinny Legs and All, and I am doing so quite slowly.

I have been watching lots of French movies/listening to French music/reading French websites/listening to French radio stations/whatever else I can think of in a vain attempt to improve my French. It just dies! How does one forget something she has spent half her life studying? I feel like I'm actually losing something, a part of me. It's just depressing.
So I've decided running away to France (or a French speaking country, I can't decide which is better) to improve it is the only practical solution.

A close friend of mine is running away to where I want to run away to, and I am distraught/jealous/envious/upset/saddened. There are several reasons for my feelings.

I write in my blog (i.e. THIS), but I'm pretty sure no one reads it. So why am I updating? For whom am I updating? Doesn't it stand that the purpose of a public space such as this is to be read by others?
Hmph. My life...
I have nothing exceptionally negative to say about my life at any given moment, but lately I am finding it to be too dull. Always something dissatisfying.

I am looking for a job, and it's not working! It's starting to get depressing.

Apparently I don't have a math class spring semester, and this is a huge problem for me. A lack of math will have extreme adverse effects on my health and my ability to function. (Haha..function!) I need it. Without the math, my schedule is a big mess, too. I can't have a big mess of a schedule. I need my math. For a multitude of reasons.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow, and I am scared! Then I have to go yell at school officials!

I had super exciting plans for tomorrow (for after my appointment), but they had to be changed or possibly canceled. :0(

I want to go shopping just to have something new, anything new.

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