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08 October 2008

Je ne sais pas/je ne connais pas

I don't know what's going on! Ah! 

I must list. This is my catharsis. Listing has a purgative effect on me. 

Let the list begin! 

Things that have irritated me today:
-my lack of money (cute necklace, cute sweaters, cute shirts, cute coats, cute jackets + no money = ultra frownage)
- people 
- Overly priced finger puppets. 

Things for which I am proud of myself today:
- my coping
- my lack of suicide attempts
- my ability to argue and win even when under great duress
- I got out of bed
- I avoided an argument with my boyfriend
- I didn't make anyone feel bad
- I avoided spending the few dollars I had in my purse

Good things that happened today:
-I got my voter registration card
- I didn't wreck my car
- My ketzele is still alive. 
- A lot of my friends responded to my e-mails, finally.
- No one made me feel bad. 

Bad things that happened today:
- I woke up to find my kitty choking and coughing.
- I felt depressed all day.
- I realized how much weight I've lost. (way too much)
- I had an argument with someone. Over nothing. He started it! Waaaah

I'm feeling awfully tired. Good night.

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