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08 October 2008

Je suis ici.

I'm trying to find things to do on the internet while I listen to to get it so it knows what music I like and what music I HATE. So---the blog again.

Random thoughts that have passed through my head in the past 24 hours:
- It's really fucking weird how people try to capture time. 
- It would be so nice if I had a job.
- People ought to be more considerate of my inability to go to sleep when I hear their fucking alarm clock at 6 A.M. (i.e. two hours before I have to be awake and two hours earlier than I ever expect to be awake). 
- I really like chunky jewelry, but I never wear any.
- It's kind of offensive to wear any shirt that says "Everyone loves a (adjective) girl." I'm so glad I don't own one.
- My mind is really going.
- My ex boyfriend will argue with me about anything. It's humorous. 
- This whole thinking about myself more often than others thing is somewhat fun.
- Someone ought to do something about a child who shows no consideration for the only person left sleeping in the house at 6:30 A.M. except I was up at 6:00 A.M. because someone else was showing inconsideration. 
- Gosh, I love my family. 
- People never get my humor. (this is me moving away from myself)
- Fuck them. (this is me moving back to myself)
- How do things acquire value? Strange.
- I like little hats. Little hats are incredibly exciting.
- I refuse to attend my cousin's wedding. I am withholding all cruel comments/reasons. 

Who reads these anyway? This couldn't possibly be interesting to anyone except me, or my stalker, but even he shouldn't be interested in this. 

P.S. Since I'm awake, I'm going to spend my morning listening to jazzy French music. It's going to be quite enjoyable. I foresee it now. (Call me psychic.)

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