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27 January 2009

Shopping Bonanaza.

The amount of beauty product shopping I've done in the past few weeks is ridiculous. I bought it all on sale (or most of it anyway), so that's good at least. I'm so boring. 

So boring. The cute girl who sat in front of me said i wasn't boring though.  SCORE.

My skin is all icky. Ugh. I scratched above my upper lip, and now it's all swollen and looks like some kind of pimply I don't even know what. I'm putting all kinds of stuff on it to make it heal stat.

Speaking of stat, I have a sick obsession with House. I can't stop watching that shit. And yes, it is shit. 

School ----exhausting. Everything is exhausting lately. 

Love is coming to therapy tomorrow. I like it when he comes. 

I have been talking about myself Way too much lately. 

I quit. 


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