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24 January 2009

A Happier Thing that I Feel Like Saying about Myself

or a few things? 

1. I just created a wishlist on, and I expect to purchase everything on it in the next year. There. Now I have my NYR. 

2. I really hate house centipedes. They scare the shit out of me. 

3. If you post a stupid blog, I'm going to tell you how stupid you are. 

4. I have no shame in admitting that I know I'm smarter than a lot of people. Fuck you if you think it's arrogant. 

5. I'm OK with myself. 

6. I secretly like my psychology class more than any other. 

7. I also secretly have a crush on the girl who sat in front of me on the first day of class. 

8. I like driving. 

9. I love that I found these medications, but I hate that I depend on them for my emotional wellbeing. 

10. I am very tired of going to therapy to learn how to function in a world that isn't worth functioning for. 

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