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21 February 2009

Brain Chemicals.

I love all of my beautiful Hello Kitty products. I am not in the mood to share photos. Just believe they are gorgeous and wonderful. I am officially addicted to MAC's lip conditioning balm, and I will be buying millions of jars of it. Not only does it make my lips feel amazing (and cure the evil winter dryness), but IT WILL LAST, like, FOREVER. Seriously. I can buy a three dollar tube of chapstick, but that will last me a month, tops. I can buy a jar of this lip conditioning balm, and I am guessing that if I used it everyday it would last me three to six+ months. I don't know what the life is on those things though. The point is that people really ought to think of money spent in the long haul, not the short run. Not to mention that the jar can be reused once it is empty. As if I would throw away my Hello Kitty jar. 

I have been using this really cheap nighttime moisturizer from Wal-Mart. It is amazing. My skin has been so sad lately, and this stuff has made it super happy. Yay cheap things that work! 

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