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13 February 2009

Holy shitaake!

I ordered more Hello Kitty items. I caved. I decided I liked the beauty powder and blush and nail polish and lipstick. I am considering purchasing an eyeshadow palette. Maybe. I probably won't. But maybe.  I received the one item I did order, and it is Amazing. And the packaging is adorable, obviously. I am so in love. I might order some blotting powder or something to put into one of my Hello Kitty compacts, so I can carry my Hello Kitty with me Everywhere. The beauty powder is such a pretty color. I can't remember which color blush I got. I got gray nail polish. It's prettier than it sounds. The lipstick is a nude sort of color. If the collection lasts until I get more money, I might buy more lipstick. I think I like the lipstick colors. The rest of my order was shipped today. It should arrive on Monday. 
I also placed an order with Coastal Scents. I ordered some silica powder and one gel eyeliner. The eyeliner is a really pretty peach color. I plan to use it as a base. The silica powder will work as a setting powder, of course, and I think my mom would like some. I bought an ounce for four dollars. That's super cheap! And awesome. I love Coastal Scents. I'm considering ordering a few of their palettes, particularly the blush/contour palette and the neutral eye palette. I don't know about the ones with all the colors. Do I need all those colors? Would I use all those colors? I don't know. So I am sticking to the contour palette and the browns palette until I decide. Even the one eyeshadow palette I have now is used very rarely, and when I do use it, I use the more neutral colors. So there. I know this is very interesting. I love all the browns in the brown palette, too. So pretty. I might buy some mica pigments. Oh well. New subject.

OK. I might be addicted to MAC's lip conditioning balm now. It feels amazing, and lately my lips have been super dry and irritated with no relief from Anything until I got my Hello Kitty conditioning balm. So there. I might have to buy 20 of them. 

I bought new organizing containers to organize my makeup. My little bag wasn't cutting it, and I didn't really want to have a huge train case laying around. I bought those little drawer things that you put on your counter. I have three of them (in green) on my dresser, and two of them are completely full. I bought the third to keep tools and my new Hello Kitty stuff in. I might end up buying a fourth. And I want a nail polish rack. And I need to find a place to put all my hair stuff and my lotions and alksdjflaskdlf. I have too much stuff. Anyway, the containers look very cute, and I am pleased with them. I need to buy book shelves and other little shelves for all the stuff I have on my tabletops. I just have way too much stuff. It drives me nuts. I also want to put up all the bells my Nana P left me. I miss her, and I miss them. I need to make space in here for a small desk, so my printer won't have to sit in the floor anymore. I need a DVD rack. I need tons of storage items. Looks like I need to make a trip to THE CONTAINER STORE! omgz. Oy. 

I bought this Dr.Bronner's peppermint lip balm. It is amazing. I love it. I love my Dr. Bronner's!!!! 

In other news, love is sick and grumpy. Stupid love.

The end.

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