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10 February 2009

Fangirling myself up was hard.

I read the entire Twilight SAGA, as it is called. It was horrible. The last book is without a doubt the second worst thing I have ever read. (I actually checked all my ratings on to know that...). I hated it. I hated every minute of it. Today I get to see my therapist and tell her all about it. UGH.

I got this awful cold, and now it seems to be going away. I have that icky, drippy feeling in my nose, and my throat has like---scratchy spots? but the whole thing isn't scratchy. It's gross! 

School yesterday was tiresome. I have two tests tomorrow. Math and history. My history class is full of morons, as exhibited by their inability to study effectively (they said it, not me). 

I guess I don't have anything to say, except to talk about that stupid book. 

Oh! My friend sent me Twin Peaks. I love Twin Peaks. He also sent me a whole bunch of movies. Lots of movies. And Twin Peaks! I watch Twin Peaks everyday. Yes, I do. 

Today the MAC Hello Kitty line is being released online. I ordered one little thing because I must have Hello Kitty stuff, but I don't like the Hello Kitty line as much as I thought I would. :o( super sad. 

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