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06 April 2009


Quick Review - That BioInfusion shampoo and conditioner duo SUCKS. It didn't clean my hair, and there is so much peppermint oil in it that it burned my eyes as soon as I opened the bottle. I do not know what I will do with it, but at least they are sample bottles. 

For some reason when I went to Sally's to buy dry shampoo (which they didn't have) I ended up buying Beyond the Zone Split Mender despite the fact that I already have a product for that, AND three nail polishes that I definitely didn't need. They are pretty though. They are from China Glaze's summer collection: Grape Juice (which is on my nails now), Orange Marmalade, and Watermelon Rind, which is the prettiest of all but not as summery to me. I don't think "summer" when I see dark, glittery green. I think autumn. I am still waiting on my other nail polishes to arrive (including the Good basecoat and the Good topcoat. Those two things are what I really want. I am giving the company until Wednesday to notify me of shipping, or I'm canceling the order. That's $25 I can put to better use. Also, the company promises to ship within 24 hours. Yeah. Didn't happen. I'm not happy. 

I have figured out part of D's birthday present, finally. I get totally freaked out every time his birthday comes, not only because the first one with him sucked, but because I have to buy him the perfect thing! And he is very nonspecific. He does not understand that he has to give me a direction for gifts. 

Amidst all of this I have to say that the Twilight soundtrack is really good (who would have thought?), and there is a song by Linkin Park on it that is actually not that bad. I give it three stars. It's a perfect funeral song, except a little too poppy. I've already told my parents that I want a funerary violinist playing Babcotte's Dirge at my funeral, and that's what I'd better get, damn it. Yes, I have planned my funeral. Yes, I am very strange. (but what else would one expect from a person who attempts suicide and is constantly thinking of new and better and more practical ways of doing so?) 

I am also supposed to be studying for my biology test. Wow. I'm not even taking biology this semester (even though it's my major and all). Psychology. Psychology test. Instead, I am typing this blog while I update my iTunes. Yippy Skippy. I am sure to fail it anyway since I missed two weeks of class due to debilitating depression. You know how it goes; or do you? 

Also, I bought the Everyday Minerals sample kit (it's free, you only pay shipping which is $3.), and I really love the stuff I got, particularly the blush. I might order the starter kit or just the blush by itself because I like it so much. It complements my skin tone perfectly.

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