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03 April 2009

A Quick Review--kind of.

So I just realized I keep spelling the name of my products wrong--oops. BaByliss. Not the way I've been spelling it. Fuck me sideways (stay away). 

The blow dryer is my favorite, and that makes me a bit upset because I could have bought it by itself for less monies. :o/ Anyway, the blow dryer is very light and very quiet and has all the necessary bells and whistles for me to style my hair/dry my hair with it. The only problem I have with it is that I can't get the concentrator nozzle onto it, which is something I've experienced with other blow dryers. It will go on  there one of these days, and I will be very pleased. One really, really awesome thing about is that the back filter thing is removable, so I can clean out all the dust and whatnot that collects there, which will keep it from overheating and not working well, etc. etc. The flat iron straightens my hair, of course. It heats up very quickly, but there is no indicator to tell me that it's at the heat I want it to be. Even the cheap 20USD flat iron I have has an indicator light that comes on when it's at my desired temperature. Hmph. It still has that new-plastic-y smell that I hate, but that will soon dissipate. I even tried curling my hair with it, and it worked! I've never been able to do that before. Since my hair is really short though, it only gives it a loose curl effect, which would be nice if I had the patience do it all over my head. I don't. I'm really happy that I got the red one instead of the pink because the red is so pretty, and it matches the blow dryer perfectly, and it just makes me happy to have things match. So the straightening iron is a thumbs up, so far. It really smoothes my hair and straightens it and makes it shiny, which is its job. 

I have nothing else to review, really, unless anyone wants to hear about Twilight. I'm really trying to fall asleep, but I am failing miserably. Of course. Fuck my life. 

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