New Roller Lash!

Benefit Cosmetics LLC

17 April 2009


My compulsively purchased items arrived today. I ordered some samples from Best Bath Store. I received the acne gel treatment (even though I don't really have acne), the dead sea mud mask, intensive eye treatment, shea butter lotion, and lavender soap. I love lavender scented anything, and the soap smells delicious. I want lavender everything all around me. The smell makes me so happy. 

Today I also bought Jergens Healthy Glow moisturizer that is supposed to eventually give your skin a little bit of color. I normally don't care about being pale (because I like pale skin), but lately it's been looking sickly pale, not usual. I also got the one for my face. 

This morning when I drove to school I got anxious and sick, and I couldn't get out of my car. By the time I felt better, class was over. So I drove home and went shopping with my mom. I was so tired. 

I have no idea why I have been so tired lately. It's all I can do to stay awake long enough to write this. 

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