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12 May 2009

Another one!

First things first, I think I'm really beginning to WANT that neat Konad stamping system for your nails. I think it's super cute to have certain things on your nails. I'll consider purchasing it or adding it to a wish list at a later date. It's not expensive at all, either, especially since I just want the stamper/scraper set, two special polishes, and one design plate. That amounts to about 30USD.
The above photo is a photo of incredibly adorable/delicious things I have accumulated recently. It's a small amount, obviously, because I didn't put any makeup in. 
Left to right back row: Mushables kitty that meows when you squeeze it. Trolli Brite Crawlers (and the photo is backwards...sorry). EASTER DINOSAUR. front row: cute headbands: satin black, brown feathers, black/white feathers. adorable photo album from baby shower AND the new sunglasses I got yesterday. 

I have plans for those sunglasses, aside from using them to shield my eyes from the evil sun. They are super retro cute. I also have a lei on loan for photo purposes. Don't worry; all will unfold soon.

I'm still using my tanning lotion. I'm considering using the stuff that does it super fast instead of the one I'm currently using. IDK. It doesn't last very long. I have to buy a new bottle like..every two weeks or so. I haven't though because I don't use it every day. I use it twice a day though for about a week to have a nice tan for a few days, and then I decide that my paleness is OK and leave it alone. 

I did not study for my history final at all, and I hate myself. I should probably go to sleep right now. 

I may watch a movie first. I am having a lot of difficulty sleeping, and I don't want to take valerian root tonight because I need to be up to take my final at 3:30.

I discussed some of the changes I'd like to make to my bedroom with my mother, and she seemed OK with them. I told her I want different blinds and curtains for temperature control. I also think I want to change the theme in here--not sure though. I am still really sad that I didn't get the amazing rainbow set from Target. :o/ It was so cute. 

I love calamine. And I love my eye cream. 

Good night. 

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