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30 May 2009

Because I know I have so many readers...

I planned to be a lazy vegetable today, but NO, my cousin had to go and have a baby, so my brother and I went to the hospital to see her and the mini. She's a precious! I get super excited about babies, especially newborn ones. When we went to see her we heard this other woman like screaming her head off, and I just know that if my mom had been there she would have said "oh puhlease it's not that bad! shut up." Having never birthed any babies, I wouldn't know, but I suspect that all that yelling is unnecessary. I mean you can bear your pain quietly. My cousin did, apparently, but then..she opted for the epidural. That might be why. Anyway, she's a pretty baby! just like all the other babies in my family, obviously. Anyway, the baby's been bornededed, so now my cousin can um...not be pregnant. 

I finally did my FAFSA today. My grandparents took us to this place I've been craving. So I nommed. 

I came home, and my neck hurts. Wonderful day!

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