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30 May 2009

The Birthday

I dragged my lovey to the aquarium, and I discovered that they now have two, gorgeous baby Giant Pacific Octopodes! and the cadaver of a GIANT SQUID! I cannot begin to explain how fucking enthralled I was to see not only one of my favorite octopodes (TWO and babies at that, super cute) in such close proximity BUT a giant's been a dream, ok? A fucking dream. I wish so badly that I could SCUBA dive deep enough to see a live, giant squid, but I know it is impossible, so I am so fucking happy that I got to examine up-close and personal a real fucking giant squid cadaver. I was flipping my shit. And the octopodes were fucking spectacular, at least one was. The other was hiding itself very well. I just wanted to go hug them, but of course their water would be too cold for me. The one I could see was so beautiful and so cute and so little! It seemed very agitated and upset though. I don't think such an animal should be kept in an aquarium. It's not a safe place for them, and they get bored so easily, and it's just not a good idea. They need to be in the ocean where they have lots of space. They need limitless space, like all the animals, but octopodes are considerably more intelligent than fish, obviously. I do feel bad for the whale sharks and the belugas though. They could also use more space, really, as they are huge creatures and so beautiful. 

Standing there, observing that beautiful octopus I felt that marine biology might be a really good direction for me. I could, of course, specialize in cephalopods. Obviously such things could change, as they often do with me, but I felt so strongly. I just love those majestic, beautiful creatures so much. They are just so amazing and interesting and ---------. Words cannot describe my immense interest. 

Otherwise, birthday bash went off without a hitch! Boyfriend seemed to like his gift (?!?!), so that makes me happy, and I hope it made him super happy as well. I was so afraid he wouldn't be surprised or like it or be excited or something like that. Sometimes I wish that I could find a steady, good job that in which I could actually LAST for a long period of time (I have a track record of being fired...) just so I could buy him presents all the time. I could spend all of my time shopping for him. OK. I am getting mushy. I will stop. We ate delicious noms, of course. We went to the park and played! AND we found the most delightful book store, and there were kitties living in it. I love when I find book stores with kitties living in them. I bought two books: one about New Zealand's flowers and birds, and one with funny pictures of cats with silly "cat" captions. For only FIVE DOLLARS. I found a map in there that was like 300USD or something. I might be confused though. I often am. 

Cephalic problems are most unpleasant. 

I tried to be as festive as possible with themed makeup, though I totally fucked up one eye and did NOT have time to fix it as well as I wanted to, so I was all self-conscious about it all day. I doubt anyone really noticed though. That is what I tell myself. 

I suppose that is all I have to say for today. Oh, my cousin is having a baby today, or she might have already. I don't know. No one is keeping me updated. :o/

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