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04 May 2009

I did not do any research.

I am a terrible partner. I keep e-mailing my partner saying "yeah, I'll send you this when I finish it." So the only thing I have e-mailed her are quotes from Jonathan Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room" and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's response, "The Reasons That Induced Dr. Swift to Write a Poem Called the Lady's Dressing Room". Fantastic! That is only half of what I'm supposed to talk about, and I'm not sure I have it all at the length it should be. And I don't want to read Alexander Pope's ridiculously long "Epistle 2. To a Lady". I find that his writing bores me. Swift's didn't. I rather enjoy bouncing Swift's work around my head, but Pope is just making me sleepy, and this should have been done four days ago. Anyway---I can't concentrate. What a shock.

I just painted my nails, but my hands are shaking (and my joints aching), and they look like crap. I have one day of classes left, and I am free. 
I hate being in pain. I hate being in pain. 

I hate being in pain and having to stand in front of my class for fifteen minutes and talk about things in which they are all uninterested. 

I can't decide if I should take a shower now or in the morning. Perhaps it would make my joints and muscles feel better. 

I'm not coming home between classes tomorrow because I'm meeting my partner at 11:30, which is good because she didn't send me any of her sources, so I couldn't do any of the annotated bibliography that is due with our oral report. I probably should have done more research. I have problems. Ugh. 

I think I will shower now.

3:25 A.M. --after my shower

I am laying bed unable to sleep whilst sniffing the delicious scent of my face lotion. So herbal. I love herbal smells. Again, I really just want to go to Lush and sniff soaps. 

I have the baby in here. He was squealing in the other room, and I just couldn't stand it, so I got him. Then he decided it was play time instead of sleepy time, so I had to stick him back in his carrier. Until he gets sleepy. 

I think I'm going to sleep now. 

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