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05 May 2009


It's finals time! I hate finals. I am not excited about my English final at all because my teacher gave us this really vague question. I hate vague questions! 
And for the oral report, the two groups that went before my partner and me went over time, so we only had like ten minutes to talk, and it sucked because I had to cut stuff out and rush through, and we were just like ...ugh. She particularly put a lot of work into it, so---that was just not cool. Which reminds me---I MUST type our annotated bibliography and send it to our teacher in the morning. If I forget, I will cry. So yes. I will do it. I suppose I could do it right now, after I finish typing this. I will. Then I have to start studying for my history final. I have to get an A. I cannot get anything less than an A. I have some studying to do for my psychology final, and I suppose I should start thinking about my English final, but it's not due until next Thursday. 

My joints are hurting a lot. My muscles are hurting a lot. My face feels bruised. I'm getting concerned about it. I usually just assume that I'm being a hypochondriac and paranoid, but I'm starting to think I might actually have some kind of sickness. But it could also be a result of my new medicine. I figure since most of the muscle problems have been happening for a long time (before I started the medicine), I should have it checked out. I hope they tell me I'm just crazy. I don't like weird symptoms that I can't even think of an explanation for them. (and that sentence) I mean--the joints are arthritic, but it's getting particularly bad. Hmph. 

I was really stressed and frazzled today for some reason. I've stopped taking my Xanax whenever I get really upset. Today I couldn't take any because I didn't get any sleep. I didn't want to fall asleep before my oral report, even though I ended up not really needing to be awake at all. I did, however, make my delicious cinnamon chocolate coffee this morning, and I had two cups of it, and it was delicious, except then I had to pee ALL day. School's over, so I should feel a bit more calm, and I have my summer projects! I was going to apply for something over the summer, but I decided not to. It's OK. I need to rest. It's ridiculous.

I'm considering sending out applications to other schools just to see if I get accepted, and perhaps if I get accepted to the one I like, I'll take out bunches of loans and run away to an island and play in the sand and jump off cliffs and stuff. Or not. 

Oh, maybe I'll find a job. I should look into that before high school is out. Stupid high school students making more money than I do. 

I have two books from the library to read, and I'm excited about them. One is super nerdy and what one would expect me to read. Darwin. And the other is a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman. Since Amanda Palmer keeps talking about Neil Gaiman, I just have to see why. So I grabbed the book. I find my best readings come from the random books I grab in libraries and book stores. So I have lots of books to read over the summer. Yay! And I hope this summer won't go the same direction that last summer did.
And my birthday had better be super awesome. 
And so had my anniversary with love dove. 
And so had my summer projects. 
And everything else in my life. 

I should probably go back to sleep now. Oh, after the annotated bibliography. Yes. 

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