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20 May 2009

I got pwnd by a 10 year old.

While watching a show about sea turtles, my sister asked the question "How do the sea turtles find their way back to the beach they were hatched on?" followed by an answer to her own question "I bet the beach has a unique smell that they follow." I very obnoxiously and pretentiously and condescendingly responded "No, [sister], they have special tracking senses like cats do." Not ten minutes later, the television program confirmed that yes, sea turtles do have sweet tracking senses, one of them being the UNIQUE SMELL OF THEIR BEACHES. 

Unfortunately, she wasn't paying enough attention to the television program to gloat. I wish she'd had the chance. Few people get the chance to do that, and well---it would have pretty fucking awesome. And she deserved that gloating. As a biology major, I should know that sea turtles' hatching beaches have specific smells that they can track because I love sea turtles, and I should fucking know. Damn. And ugh--I hate being condescending. WHY WAS SHE NOT PAYING ATTENTION?! At least I told her about it. She was able to feel proud and intelligent (she is intelligent--she just rarely shows it like the rest of us). She refuses to go into science. I think she'd make a spectacular entomologist. She loves insects. 

I am terribly ashamed of the way I treat her 90% of the time. Though I have my kind moments, they are far too rare. 

P.S. She is graduating tomorrow. Yay!

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