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19 May 2009

MUA swap and stuff.

My MUA swap is confirmed, and I just have to mail out my item. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but yesterday turned into a horrible mess. A list:

  • the water heater is broken = cold shower
  • late late late for anniversary lunch
  • had epic epic meltdown about the shower
  • came home to be locked out
  • let Domino run away
  • passed out
  • therapy (not bad)
  • spent too much time on Twitter
  • got brother addicted to Twin Peaks
  • felt quite frustrated with everything
  • saw Robert
That's all. 

I still need more nail polish. More purples. More reds. More everything. And a nail polish rack!

I went to Target today, before seeing Robert, to scope out storage items. I found some very good, inexpensive bins for my winter wardrobe. I also found the gorgeous rainbow quilt that I didn't buy on clearance when I had the chance. I do hope to own it (and the shams, and the decorative pillow(s)) in the very near future. I need something cooler for summer, and I need something to brighten up this room! I also looked at window dressings. I found acceptable, thermal roman shades that may be acceptable, and some adorable, sheer curtains for daylight. I love natural light. First and foremost, though, I want that quilt. And matching shams. The pillow is not necessary, just cute. I also found an incredibly soft coverlet, which would be perfect for summertime, but it wouldn't go with my bedroom. Oh well. RAINBOWS. I like rainbows. And unicorns. I should have a unicorn mural. It would go quite nicely with the color scheme. 

My father is out of town until Friday, so no hot water until at least then. Unfortunately, the water heater seems to be really broken. We thought it was just the pilot light being out, but when we tried to relight it, it sort of seemed like it wanted to explode, and my father advised us to just turn it off. So that will have to repaired. It seems everything in this house is broken. 

My furniture absolutely MUST be rearranged. 

My mother told me she has the Twin Peaks soundtrack. I had no idea. I must find it and stick it in my iTunes. Epic need.

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