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26 May 2009


I am seriously lacking purple in my makeup collection and my nail polish collection. This has to change. I did a whole bunch of eyeshadow swatching the other night when I could not sleep, and I decided that there are not many colors I really need to add. I need a really good, bright orange, a good, bright yellow, and purple, preferably a darker purple. I have a light shimmery purple that I never use and don't particularly like, and that's it. THIS MUST CHANGE! 

I also want to try this new L'oréal Telescopic Explosion mascara. The wand is similar to that of Givenchy Phenomen'eyes, which I would never buy because it's overpriced crap, however, the want is very interesting. I don't think I've ever used a L'oréal mascara. I stick to Maybelline, Rimmel, and Too Faced! I think that's all I have. Oh, I do have that one CoverGirl mascara. This reminds me that I want blue mascara. I do not know why. I just want blue mascara, and I want a more reddish-brown brown mascara. I can only find ones that look black, and I don't want one that looks black; I want one that looks BROWN. I also want an auburn eyebrow pencil, so it will match my hair color better. 

Today, Pierre ate three roly polies. It was so sad to watch such a massacre of little isopods. I thought he just wanted to look at them and sniff them, but no! he wanted to nom them! Tsk tsk. I hope my cats do not eat them. They sometimes carry icky parasitoids, not that an icky parasitoid would hurt my dog, but still---gross. 

My sister is very interested in disgusting little bugs, like the roly poly. She keeps asking what they are. I told her they are related to lobsters and crabs and lice, as they are a type of woodlice. Eiw. I suppose I could go through the entire kingdom, phylum, subphylum, class, order, suborder, family, genus, species, subspecies (except they aren't a subspecies) thing with her, but WHY would I do that? 

I miss my gorilla studies. This is what makes me think sometimes that I should go into zoology or something similar. I liked being with them everyday. 

I just got an e-mail from MAC saying that they will have free shipping on ALL order placed between now and 6 June. This means that I can order the slimshine lipstick that is being discontinued by itself, free-shipping, and be happy. I am excited. Thank you,!

I am dousing my hands in keratin and vitamin E lotion to help my nails grow as quickly as possible. They were cut super short for those acrylics, which I forcibly removed because they were driving me crazy, and now my nails are super short, and I hate it! Maybe I should start eating lots and lots of gelatin, too! They need to grow out faster!!!

Now I must take my noon nap. Ugh. 

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