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24 May 2009

I forgot.

I realize that I totally forgot to put my list of OPI nail polishes that I desperately need to own. I know that anyone reading my blog desperately wants to know. It is very difficult to compile a list of these types of things though! Very difficult. I hate my Ulta because they never have a good selection of nail polishes. Last time I was there though they were restocking nail polish, but I was kind of in a hurry. :o( It's OK. Also, they didn't have the primer I wanted. Assholes. They were out the day I was there to shop! Sadness.

I have hot water now. That's good. I can shower. I decided to go ahead and wash my hair today even though I wasn't going to for a week because it just felt really gross, and surprisingly, it didn't really change my water purple like it normally does. Yay! 

I have to go to sleep.

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