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23 May 2009


I've been conversing with my mother about how to rearrange/organize/clean my room. She offered to help me move my furniture. My furniture is very old and very heavy (I fucking love antiques). She says she can move it though. So--my mom might help me assuming she doesn't die. (Oh, she's sick again.) She refuses the doctors. So anyway---the bed should go where it used to be, by the window. The dresser should go where it used to be, across from the window. The chest really ought to just go, BUT it helps me store my extra sheets, blankets, hoodies, etc. At the same time though, it's full of stuff I don't use, so why do I want it in my bedroom taking up space? It's just a mess, this storage thing. I want to repaint my bookshelf. It's black. It should be white, but I'm thinking yellow. And also move it. Maybe I should put it in the closet where I had the other one. Some things can be move out altogether and never be dealt with again. I should sell my textbooks that I don't want (most of them). I talked to my mom about buying storage bins and window dressings and such, and she said she'd pay for the stuffs. After we replace the water heater, of course. 

I believe my dad is going to handle the water heater tomorrow or something. I'm not sure, but I need a shower on Monday, at the latest. I had a lukewarm shower last night. This no hot water thing really fucking sucks. 

I really want a unicorn mural. My uncle who could have done a unicorn mural for me died five years ago. That makes me sad. Not because he's not here to do a unicorn mural, because he died out of nowhere. And I missed the funeral for some reason. He offered to do a really cool mural for me once. I declined. 

I am teaching Pierre to respond to French commands, since his name is French. All he knows is "sit." Fail. 

My joints hurt.

I'm also considering that I really need a job. So I'm trying to think of places I can work who would be hiring who would hire me. I was going to apply at a place I shop all the time that was hiring for a different store, but I kept forgetting to...because I'm stupid. Anyway, we'll see. I still want to volunteer at the library! the one with the big purple chair. 

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