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18 June 2009

Fail. Fail. Fail. All fails away!

So there is this SWEET deal at right now, and today's the last day. Free shipping, AND 25% off. Now, there aren't many things from MAC that I MUST have, but there is one thing, one little thing. It's a brush. I cannot find a brush like it ANYWHERE, and I need it. It's like 50USD though, and I cannot justify 50USD on a brush that I'm only going to be using on my own face at all. With a 25% discount, it would almost be justifiable, and almost is enough for me. But no, no, I'm not really allowed to spend money right this second, not during the THREE DAY SALE ON THE INTERNET. Thanks, MAC. You have impeccable timing, as always, like with Hello Kitty. And why did I not know that Fresh Brew was a permanent color? If I had known, I would not have bought it with HK. I would have bought one of the other, LE lipsticks instead. FAIL. 

In other news, someone drank all of my grape juice. ALL of my grape juice. Mind you, I drank most of it, but someone else finished MY BOTTLE OF GRAPE JUICE. Grape juice is my life. Grape juice is my second to water. If I had had my grape juice the other day instead of a CamelBak travel with a detached straw that was full of water, I would not have burned the shit out of my tongue with naproxen sodium. No. I would have washed it down, coating and all, with some sweet grape juice. I would not have a caustic burn SCAR on my tongue right now. I wouldn't have an extremely sensitive, painful spot on my tongue right now. My life would be significantly better if the grape juice had been there. 

The next time I buy grape juice, I am stockpiling it, and I will keep it all in my closet (because I definitely have the space), and I will always have grape juice. Forever. This will keep things like chemical burns in my mouth at bay. My life will be better. It's the little things, people. 

Also, this shopping habit has to stop. I hate having all this Stuff. It's ridiculous. I don't like it. 

I do, however, really like my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean. It is the smoothest one, and it worked amazingly for my Amanda Palmer makeup the other day. It made the perfect blood-red for my eyeshadow that I needed, and then I could use brown without looking like an idiot. It was fantastic, and my makeup was fantastic, and if I ever get the photos back I will make a slideshow, and I will submit it, and I will hope that I win because I really like winning, especially when the winning is talent based, and I've been feeling awfully low on my talent lately. 

I cannot decide if I like my Chanel better or if I like Juicy Couture better, the scents. I could sit and sniff them all day to decide, but I'd get a migraine, and since my brain is quite sensitive and migraine happy since I take awesome drugs that like to cause migraines, I'm not really in the mood to do that. 

I just spend three hours on blogtv. I love blogtv. It allows me to vicariously watch Intervention and laugh hysterically at incredibly awesome human beings. It somehow manages to give me a sense of hope in humanity or something. 

Now I feel like I need to watch and/or quote Clueless. 

Another thing, when my boyfriend is busy, and I call him, I expect him to do the respectful thing and ignore my call, like hit the ignore button. He never does. He either lets it ring until it goes to voicemail, or he answers and says he's busy. Both of which I hate. So I called him earlier to tell him something really exciting (and now I've forgotten what it was), but it was actually relevant to him, and I needed to tell him in real time, not through voicemail, and HE IGNORED MY PHONE CALL. Why? Just why. I mean seriously. THE ONE TIME. WHY?! 

I am so excited about Public Enemies it's not even funny. I am very confused about what role Marion Cotillard is actually playing, and I'm too lazy to IMDB that shit, so I'll stay confused until I see the movie THE DAY IT COMES TO THEATERS. I'm sure I've never discussed my interest in criminals, particularly bank robbers and serial killers. Now, John Dillinger was not a serial killer (or was he? hmmm ponder ponder), but he did rob banks, and I am fascinated by this bank robbing. So I am excited about this movie, and I need to see it, and besides that Johnny Depp makes a hot John Dillinger. And Marion Cotillard is just cute. How can you not want to pet her? or make friends with her? or just stare at her adorable little Frenchie face? I haven't been this excited about a movie since, like, that movie that was a huge letdown. You know the one. Watchmen. Huge disappointment. Huge. Epic. FAIL. 
I am also particularly excited about Harry Potter. It just looks really good. And I fucking love Harry Potter. 
Also, New Moon, just because Kristen Stewart looks totally hot in it, and that's a good enough reason for me. I believe I mentioned how much I hated that book, and I will probably suffer watching the movie, too, but it'll be worth it to see Kristen Stewart doing what she does best---being hot while being incredibly petulant and ungrateful and annoying and stupid and reckless and completely fucking pathetic. Hot is all that counts when it comes to these kinds of things. What else could anyone bring to Twilight? The raw material is shit. Also, Dakota Fanning plays one of the really mean, scary characters, and that has to be hilarious. HILARIOUS. I can just see it now. Hilarity will ensue. 

My car is hot. It needs air conditioning. I have to make all of my doctor appointments and such in the morning to avoid dying on the way. Therapy is only available in late afternoons though. Ugh. FAIL. 

I am pretty tired. 

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