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20 June 2009

The Hangover.

I saw The Hangover last night because I heard from quite a few people it was a good laugh. It was a good laugh for a little while, but they dragged it out way too far. It ceased to be funny after I saw about three penes? I am apparently one of very few people who does not find male nudity to be absolutely hilarious. 

So my icon on Twitter is green to show that I care about the Iranians and whatnot, but I complained about it because I was pressured to turn it green even though it was already mostly green because I took the photo of my face against my GREEN wall. And some asshole says "yes. the temporary greening of your pic is such a hardship, not like those whiny Iranians." I told him that if he thinks turning his Twit icon green is going to change a damned thing in Iran he's a fucking moron, that he should go fuck himself, etc. I mean---what are these people thinking? OH LOOK I TURNED MY ICON GREEN! AHMADINEJAD IS GOING TO SEE IT AND DECIDE TO DO THE RIGHT THING!! HE WILL. No. It makes no difference if your Twitter icon is neon pink. So then I looked at this asshat's Twitter---NOTHING ABOUT THE IRAN ELECTION. He's not even thinking about it, discussing it, or anything productive, whereas I have been discussing it, thinking about it, supporting Obama's completely correct decision to stay out of it, etc. How dare some jagoff on Twitter act like I don't care because I think it's stupid to change my Twitter icon for a cause it won't change. Screw that guy. 

I received my MUA package from Canada today, and here I am the asshole who hasn't send out my end of the agreement yet. Though to be honest, mine is harder to ship because it's a lot heavier, and it's a liquid, and they at the post office get pretty touchy about liquids, particularly flammable ones. So I'll have to speak to a nice person at the PO on Monday because those jerks close at NOON on Saturdays. wtf? The blush I received is delightful. I also received a mineral powder, also delightful. I could use another nap. I've been napping all day.

Spookah cat is very sick. He's been hiding under my bed for two days now, coming out only when I tempt him with delicious treats. I have to give him his medicine, obviously, and I have to make him eat. So. 

The end. 

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