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24 June 2009

A Few Admissions

  1. I have been watching The Bachelorette (this season) since episode one.
  2. I have formed emotional attachments to people on the show.
  3. I really hate The Bachelorette. 
  4. I kind of want to find one of the fellas she let go and make him date me (but not tell my boyfriend) because he was nice and really attractive, and she made a mistake!
  5. I think The Bachelorette (the current one) is a MORON.
  6. I am extremely excited about movies this year. 
  7. I am running out of space for makeup. Seriously.
  8. My makeup collection isn't that sizable. 
  9. I don't understand why people with gross feet would wear designer sandals. 
  10. I really want to drive to Sunrise, FL. to visit The Rainforest Cafe that happens to be there. I hate TN, so I won't go there, and there isn't one in my state. 
  11. I do not anticipate my 21st birthday. At all. 
  12. I really like Webkinz. 
  13. I am considering entering another makeup contest, except with more effort this time, even though I'm not particularly interested in the prize. 
When I feel particularly displeased with the world and my friends, I disappear. I will not post on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Xanga, YouTube, Flickr, Goodreads, MUA, or Specktra. I turn my phone off. I figure if no one wants to talk to me, then I should not waste the energy having my phone turned on, yeah? So I turn it off. I don't check messages. I don't allow my existence outside of my home be known. I left a text for my boyfriend telling him I would not be available for any type of contact for a short while, and I suppose he did not believe me because he texted me anyway. He may have called as well, but when the phone is off, the phone does not record these things. He asked if I was alive. For most people, that would not really be a huge concern, or an obvious one anyway, but when I tell someone that I feel bad and that I don't want to talk to anyone and turn my phone off, it makes sense that those who cannot easily, physically check on me would have concerns. Since my phone was not on, I did not get the messages, and I expected him not to ask since I said I would be unavailable. If I didn't turn the phone off, I wouldn't be able to ignore it. So I was unavailable for roughly twenty four hours, and that's all I needed. I still posted things on Twitter though. No one really checks my Twitter, so it didn't matter. Moral of the story: if you're that concerned, you should be following me on Twitter. Twitter is a very useful tool, and I feel that it is heavily underrated. 

I do not use Twitter like my FB status update. I use it to follow my causes, and I use it to spread my causes' messages. I talk to other people (makeup people), but other than that, I post very few personal tweets. 

I ran out of eggs because I made a lot of French toast. I want more French toast. I need more eggs. I love French toast. Everyone else also loves MY French toast. I excel in breakfast foods. And potatoes. Oh, and baking, though being a Jew, I have an aversion to ovens. 

I wonder why no one ever buys makeup stuff for me for birthdays and holidays. I like makeup. A lot, obviously. I rarely have a job, so I am not usually purchasing most of the makeup things I want (like that ONE MAC brush that I NEED), so why--WHY does no one purchase these things for me?! 

Also, I do not know how I will live my life without this. It is an octopus. Backpack. I have a turtle one. Obviously I need an octopus one. 

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