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27 June 2009

Back to Being Social

During my unplugging, a couple of people decided to act like total assholes thus ending friendships, and I am now further resolved to not talk to people. Thanks, people. I am not sure that people believe me when I say that I drop friends like flies, but I do, and I don't really think about it after the fact. I think part of that problem is that I make people my friends too quickly, and I overload on them, and I eventually decide that we're not compatible in any capacity, and I become annoyed, and I make myself unavailable. Then it is just a matter of time. It's unfortunate.

I spent three days not speaking to anyone directly (except my Canadian and a couple of texts to D to let him know I was still breathing and stuff), and it was weird but nice. So there's that. 

I did go shopping yesterday. I got some Webkinz, but it was not my idea. So I now have a goat and a little, green budgie. The goat is for my love, so he has to name it, since he likes goats. I might just name it "Ziege" which is goat in German. It would be funny! I named the budgie Cyd, like Cyd Charisse, since Michael Jackson died and everyone else died too, but when Cyd Charisse died, no one cared. She was a fantastic dancer, too, you know. Anyway, I was done shopping for the day, or so I told myself. I ended up running to Sally's and buying Orly Ridge Filler and a nail polish in Dazzle. Dazzle is metallic silver. It also has glitter. Perhaps I will buy gold as well! I also bought a teasing comb and a wet hair comb. Me and my combs. 

I wore my NYX Pandora lipstick yesterday, and I was surprised not to be self-conscious about it, and it looks really good on me. I bought it on a whim because the color is pretty, and I was on a purple kick, and when I got it home I was like "why did I buy this? I won't wear it." BUT I DID. I wore it, and I think (hope?) I wore it well. It matched the African Queen lip gloss. How cute. 

I am trying to clean. It's taking a while, and I'm pretty much a failure, but I will get it done. 

I read twenty pages in the book. I've been reading this book for almost eight months. In that time, I have read other books. I have read all kinds of things. I must clean this room, and I must then knock out a few books. This is what I do with summer. I read books, and I frolic with love dove, who is sick (:o() and super busy. I suppose I could see other people, and I probably will. I also have to make appointments with doctors. 

My hip is arthritic. It hurts. It could be a result of my medicine, but I don't care. It hurts. It has to be fixed somehow. No one my age should have problems walking because of arthritic hips. or arthritic feet, for that matter, though they've been that way for quite some time (five years!). 

I should register for classes. I cannot decide what I should take though. I suppose I'll see which foreign languages are open. I'll probably take another English class (why not?). I have to take math, of course. I could take a useless biology or something. We'll see. I'm starting to be interested in plants. Perhaps I'll take a plant class. 

And here she is: 
CYD CHARISSE! and Fred Astaire. The Band Wagon


l'imagination est la clef said...

I have to say your blogs are so random--i love it. Anyways I cant belive you lost friends just b/c you havent talked to them in a while. Thats so weird I havent talked to 2 of my best friends in a good long while and were still close.

k said...

Oh, I didn't lose friends because I was avoiding social contact, I lost friends because while I was avoiding social contact, they reminded me why I would want to avoid social contact in the first place.