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10 June 2009

My Favorite Canadian.

My favorite Canadian just posted TWO amazingly fantastic things on my Facebook wall, and I'm just like "omg dying." 

Speaking of amazing things, MY MILK TOOF should be banned from the internet because it is WAY TOO CUTE. I am following it, of course, but seriously---little teefs talking to each other is just ridiculous. I go to the page, and I die. Every time. It's going to kill me. 

I just used that weird OPI avoplex stuff, and I think it's burning. But maybe not. As far as I can tell, nothing in it should burn me. So.

My nails are growing out in a really nice shape, and had I known they would do that, I would have chopped them sooner. 

My doctor gave me more medicine for my obsessive behavior. We'll see how it works. My mother vacillates on her feelings toward my medications. She recognizes my weird obsessions/fixations and dislikes them, so she wants the medicine to work, but then at other times she mocks me for taking medication to stabilize my moods/fixations. WTF? 

So I'm going to shower now. I know I had a lot to say. 

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