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09 June 2009


I have to be up earlier than usual tomorrow, but I cannot sleep right now. I was trying to read Twilight to go to sleep, but that was a fail because reading it once (or twice...) was too much for me.  

Apparently my obsessions and compulsions (mostly the obsessions, since they are most persistent) can be treated with a different medication. So my therapist has instructed me to ingrain into my psychiatrist that I'm still having negative symptoms. I suppose that I'm so accustomed to living with obsessions (not so much the weird compulsions; they are new) that I don't notice them as much as I do the compulsions. I don't know how I feel about that, but I guess the OCD could be better controlled. I just like consistency. My therapist also pointed out that my fixation with the color yellow is particularly odd, since yellow is not a particularly soothing color. 

I have no faith in this Seche Vite topcoat anymore. None. I have had my nails painted for three and a half days, and they are chipped. I could blame this on typing, but I haven't really been typing, just watching YT videos like a really, really sluggish zombie. I can't concentrate on anything else. I tried to re-read lots of books, and it just won't work. So anyway--nails are chipped. I am displeased. Since I can't handle its high maintenance, I won't bother repurchasing once mine gets too hard. That is fucking ridiculous. 

I'm supposed to go visit my cousin on Wednesday. Now that the day is closer, I really don't feel like driving all the way out there, but I said I would, so I should. So I probably will. 

I watched The Bachelorette last night with my mom. Not only is that show quite possibly the most disgusting display of "reality" I have ever seen, but the woman on there is fucking STUPID. It is not cute. 

I don't like that my computer gets dirty on the inside. I have to clean around the hinge and space between the screen and the ...body? with a Q-tip. It's really annoying. It should have come with a lifetime supply of computer (and eco-) friendly cleaning supplies. Seriously. 

I suppose that there isn't much else to say. 

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