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02 June 2009

Twilight That Shit

So I was talking to my boyfriend, and I told him that I need to get some Twilight posters and shit, so I can just have a really "twied" out space. I don't know that anyone would really understand the sick humor that would be behind such a move though, so I'm not sure I can really Twi anything. If I walked into my bedroom and saw a fucking Twilight poster everyday, it would make my day every single time just because it's funny to me that people would put a fucking TWILIGHT POSTER on their walls! The Prince poster almost does that. The same concept is behind my Hello Kitty KAR idea. It would be amazing. If they made Twilight car accessories, I'd be all over them. I can just imagine driving around with my Twied out fucking car. Amazing. 

So since New Moon is coming out, and I am kind of excited about it, I decided I should re-read the book. Obviously. Even though I hated it because it's full of Jacob being obnoxious. I am pretty sure that I did not give each Twilight book its own review because I just said I didn't really like the series because it was stupid, but then I kind of liked it because it was stupid. The second book is absolutely my least favorite. After re-reading some key passages from the fourth one, I have decided it is no longer the worst book I have ever read. New Moon isn't either, but of all four of those pieces of shit, New Moon is the one I seriously loathe. And the excerpt on the back also pisses me off. Now then---if we know that Edward leaves, and we know that when he does Bella feels like she's got this "hole" in her chest, then the excerpt on the back which says "It was like there had never been any hole in my chest" we KNOW Edward comes back, and that's just not any fun; is it? It's fun to me because I know that the end of the book doesn't ultimately matter, particularly when it's in the middle of a series (though in these it kind of does because they lack substance), and I couldn't really care any less about it being spoiled, or whatever. Other people, on the other hand, would be upset about this. Of course, they'd all be super happy that Edward's BACK!!!, but they want that suspense all through the book. They need it; they live off of it. It makes me angry, and I knew as soon as Edward left that he was going to be back IN THAT BOOK because of the excerpt on the back of the book. Maybe I'm the only one suspicious enough to pick up on it? I'm the most suspicious reader ever. 

I am slightly ashamed at how much I just typed about Twilight (New Moon). BUT not ashamed enough to delete it. 

I feel manic and hyper and not even in a good place. This is bad. I do not like it. I blame Twilight. or the internet. Or Mental. or Bones. Or House! idk. 

I should watch a movie! or re-read this book. or finish that other book. or something. I don't know. 

I don't know why I'm even "blogging" right now.


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