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09 July 2009

It's not raining! why?!

I've been going to sleep at a relatively early time every night, and that's nice and all, but it ultimately doesn't matter because I will inevitably wake up at six in the morning, take my medicine, and be back asleep by ten. From there, I will sleep until four or five, unless I have something I need to do, like I did on Tuesday. For the record, though, when I did all the things I needed to do on Tuesday, I went to sleep. This gives me a total of ten to twelve hours a day being awake. People wonder why I'm unproductive. It isn't my fault though. I literally get to a point in the middle of the day that I just cannot stay awake any longer. I get dead tired, as if I have not slept in days. I am blaming it on the medications, but I suppose it could be anything. It causes a lot of problems with school, since I usually plan my schedule to be an eight to twelve hour day, just to keep myself occupied. Last semester I had to give myself a four hour break in the day because I got totally screwed with registration, AND I needed to have that four hours to take a nap. 

In other news, the MAC Colour Craft collection was released online yesterday and is released in stores today, and I am not as thrilled with all the colors as I thought I would be, but there are two items that I really want and one that I really, really want. I am trying to tell myself that I really don't need any of it, but that's an impossible idea. It's nonsense. 

I have decided that my main problem is simply that I am severely over-stimulated. It's distracting. 

I really like my new nail polish. 

Now I am feeling very tired, and I shall take my daily nap.

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