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07 July 2009

Michael Jackson made Barack Obama president.

I watched Michael Jackson's memorial today despite thinking it was sick to televise and comment on such an event, and in so doing I was told by Al Sharpton in a rather convoluted way that YES Michael Jackson is the reason Barack Obama is the president now. That is just not even OK. You can pay respects without heaping undue credit, Al. I'm just saying. I found Charles Gibson and whoever else's commentary of the event pretty offensive, like it was a fucking golf tournament. And watching his daughter come on stage and say what she did and cry---sad. That did not need to be on TV. Inappropriate! 

I went shopping today, and I forgot to get mascara. I always need mascara. I did, however, find two nail polishes that I have been unable to find for a long time: Green-wich Village (Kermit green) and Banana Bandana (creamy banana milkshake). I also got a free OPI Top Coat. I also bought two NYX eyeshadows (falling in love!), a NYX pencil sharpener, and one NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Horse Raddish (that's how it's spelled on the pencil. The eye shadows are White (matte white) and Golden Dune (bronze). I got white because the other white shadow I have is Geisha, and it's really glittery, and I wanted a matte white for a highlight and such. The foundation primer I want was nowhere to be found. I also got a purple eye pencil. Ulta automatic eyeliner or something--I forgot the color name, but it's purple. The jumbo pencil I got is the same color as MAC's Warm Chill which means it will be a good base for it. Yay. 

I also got my ARC Adult/Child AED/CPR, Infant CPR, and First Aid certification cards today. For some reason the infant CPR card expires five months before the adult/child one does. So yeah. Now I can prove that I'm certified to save your life! 

Some creep sent me a message asking me to make a video of myself crying for him. No. 

Children are hypersensitive, even the teenaged ones. 

I wish I owned a copy of The Lorax

I need to do my laundry. Again.

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